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Curtiss Wright

Conformal Coatings for Aerospace Industry.

Conformal Coatings for Aerospace

Conformal coatings are specially formulated films on PCA’s and other related electrical circuitry designed to protect it (the Printed Circuit Assembly) from its working environment. The property of the coating ensures that it conforms well to the contours of the assembly by forming a thin layer of 10-50 microns, which is light, strong and isolates the assembly from the environment. 

A primary benefit of using a conformal coating is the increase in life cycle of the electronic device by protecting it against the harsh elements that exist in the working environment. Harsh elements might exist in the form of chemicals, moisture,  temperature variation, atmospheric variation and humidity.

Additionally Conformal coatings are beneficial as they protect circuit assemblies from harsh  conditions that cause corrosion, mold-growth, current leakage, and dendritic growth which will damage  the device.

Conformal Coatings in Aerospace

The aerospace industry asserts its own challenges to the field of conformal coatings. There are rapid changes that occur at various altitudes,  including lack of atmosphere, compression, decompression, temperature and humidity variations which will cause failure in electronic assemblies..

Aerospace and Aviation Electronics

When it comes to PCAs for military and aerospace applications, manufactures maintain strict specifications. They are tested to withstand harsh conditions. These assemblies undergo a series of tests including:

  • Humidity

  • Flammability

  • Moisture resistance

  • Chemical resistance

  • Atmospheric Shock

  • Temperature Shock

  • High/Low Temperature

Conformal coating is used to protect sensitive sensory devices that are used in the aerospace industry. This includes equipment used for communication, navigation and flight control, and other critical cockpit instrumentation.

Defense is another area where Parylene conformal coatings has come into a major use.

Parylene is a thin, robust conformal coating material that lends no weight to the device on which it is coated. Its robust nature forms an ideal barrier for defense electronics included in weapons systems, computers and keypads; communication devices; navigational aids, radar components and satellite electronics.

Choose the coating solution suited to your needs and let Parylene conformal coatings technology provide you a better quality product through our superior conformal coatings technology.



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