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Curtiss Wright

The Coating Process

Adobe PCS DIMER Specification Sheet — Click on the Adobe Acrobat PDF icon to download a complete Parylene Coating Services data sheet.

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Uniform Coating — Thickness tolerances are typically held to +/- 20% from nominal. Tolerances as tight as +/- 5% are possible when necessary.

Stability — Parylene is inert and insoluble in most solvent systems within its useful range of temperature. Parylene C and Parylene N may be used up to 125°C continuously in the presence of oxygen.

Low Stress Process — Polymerization of parylene takes place at room temperature. Any object which can be exposed to medium vacuum can be parylene coated.

Optical Clarity — Parylene C is optically clear. Parylene N exhibits a slight haze at thicknesses over 5 microns.

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