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Curtiss Wright

Technical Information

Adobe PCS DIMER Specification Sheet — Click on the Adobe Acrobat PDF icon to download a complete Parylene Coating Services data sheet

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Parylene is a generic name for a unique family of polymers used as conformal coatings in protective applications. The coating process exposes product to the gas-phase monomer at low pressure. Through vacuum deposition, Parylene condenses on the object’s surface in a polycrystalline fashion, providing a coating that is truly conformal and pinhole free.

Compared to liquid processes, the effects of gravity and surface tension are negligible so there is no bridging, thin-out, pinholes, puddling, run-off or sagging. And, the process takes place at room temperature so there is no thermal or mechanical stress on the product.

Parylene is physically stable and chemically inert within its usable temperature range. For example, in the presence of oxygen, Parylene type “C” is stable from cryogenic (liquid nitrogen) temperatures to 125°C. Parylene provides excellent protection from moisture, salt spray, corrosive vapors, solvents, airborne contaminants and other hostile environments.

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